How to Calculate Your GPA

<![CDATA[The grade point average (GPA) for a single term or overall (cumulative), is calculated from merit points earned divided by graded credits.
Merit points per grade per credit*:
A+, A  =          4.0 merit points
A- =                 3.7 merit points
B+ =                3.3 merit points
B =                  3.0 merit points
B- =                 2.7 merit points
C+ =                2.3 merit points
C =                  2.0 merit points
C- =                 1.7 merit points
D+ =                1.3 merit points
D =                  1.0 merit points
D- =                 0.7 merit points
F =                   0 merit points
*Non-graded credits: Pass, Audit, & Short term grades/credits, transfer credit
For example, if your grades for Fall Term, 2001 were:

Course Credits Grade Merit Points
ART 100: Drawing



14.80  (4 credits x 3.7 points)
ECON 157: Principles of Microeconomics



ENG 141: Fund of Writ Poetry & Fiction



HIST 111: U.S. History I



GWS 390: Independent Study




Earned credits: 18
GPA credits: 16
Merit Point total: 46.80
GPA:  2.92  (46.80 total merit points/16 graded credits = GPA truncated to two decimal places)

How to Calculate your GPA in your Major or Minor

The major (or minor) GPA is calculated for all courses in the major (or minor) subject area/discipline (not including miscellaneous affiliated courses from other departments).  The only exceptions to this are interdisciplinary majors such as Gender and Women’s Studies, Classical Studies, International Studies, and the actual Interdisciplinary major; in which the GPA is calculated from those courses across several disciplines, which count toward the major.  The GPA is calculated from merit points earned divided by graded credits.
For example:  If an English major takes 11 ENG courses (44 graded credits) while at Hollins, and 8 of the courses (32 credits) count directly toward the major, the major GPA is still calculated from the merit point totals for all 44 ENG graded credits, not just the 32 credits.
Another example:  If a Classical Studies major takes 10 graded credits (3 courses) of CLAS, plus 16 credits (4 courses) of GREK, and 24 credits (6 courses) of LAT, then the major GPA is calculated from the merit point totals for all of these course divided by the number of graded credits.]]>